Crowdfunding Scientific Research

  title={Crowdfunding Scientific Research},
  author={Henry Sauermann and Chiara Franzoni and Kourosh Shafi},
  journal={NBER Working Paper Series},
Crowdfunding may provide much-needed financial resources, yet there is little systematic evidence on the potential of crowdfunding for scientific research. We first briefly review prior research on crowdfunding and give an overview of dedicated platforms for crowdfunding research. We then analyze data from over 700 campaigns on the largest dedicated platform, Our descriptive analysis provides insights regarding the creators seeking funding, the projects they are seeking funding… 
Exploring Characteristics of Academic Crowdfunding in Japan
  • Yuko Ikkatai, Eiri Ono
  • Business
    2018 7th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI-AAI)
  • 2018
This study examined the characteristics of funded projects on four Japanese platforms that facilitate academic crowdfunding and showed a significant correlation between the number of backers and amount raised, but not between the many backers and achievement rate.
Is Crowdfunding Suitable for Financing German Public Research Organization (PRO) Projects?
So far, public research organizations (PROs) and universities in Germany are not benefiting from the manifold opportunities of crowdsourcing platforms and crowdfunding in particular. Crowdfunding may
The contribution of supply and demand factors to the reproduction of hierarchies online: The case of crowdfunding of scientific research
We conceptualize mechanisms that explain how social uses of media technologies, especially online platforms and crowds, reproduce, or modify inequalities, and explore these in the context of the
Crowdfunding for Independent Print Media: E-Commerce, Marketing, and Business Development
Crowdfunding, as an alternative method to fundraising, triggers increased awareness in society, while it is also an effective marketing tool for campaign runners. The production and release of
Inequality and Crowdfunding
  • J. Greenberg
  • Economics
    Handbook of Research on Crowdfunding
  • 2019
The advent of crowdfunding brought great optimism about the technological disruption’s capacity to facilitate similarly profound and beneficial economic and social change. Proponents of this
The pitfalls of crowdfunding Alzheimer's disease research
A strong warning is given to the public to mistrust crowdfunding Alzheimer’s disease research, as a broader and more inclusive approach is likely to generate a better understanding of the disease and therefore hold better promise for understanding the disease in the long term.
The argument against crowdfunding Alzheimer’s disease research
With pharmaceutical companies’ repeated failures at finding effective interventions for Alzheimer’s disease, together with an increasing reliance on the growing Federal funding for research, there is
Crowdfunding by Non-Profit and Social Ventures
Non-profits and social enterprises face significant financing challenges that include problems in securing public funding, unpredictability and discontinuities in grant funding from foundations and
Awareness towards Crowdfunding among Young , Budding and Prospective Entrepreneurs in Bangalore
Crowdfunding is a simple concept wherein small ticket amount is collected from the investors to start a business or a project. It is being viewed as a developing concept from past few years in India.
Citizen science and sustainability transitions
Abstract Citizen Science (CS) projects involve members of the general public as active participants in research. While some advocates hope that CS can increase scientific knowledge production


Crowdfunding Science: Sharing Research with an Extended Audience
A grounded theory of how and why scientists crowdfund is presented, which finds that scientists are motivated to crowd-fund in order to share their work and engage the public in the research process in ways traditional science work has not offered.
Crowd science user contribution patterns and their implications
The findings inform recent discussions about potential benefits from crowd science, suggest that involving the crowd may be more effective for some kinds of projects than others, provide guidance for project managers, and raise important questions for future research.
To Crowdfund Research, Scientists Must Build an Audience for Their Work
It is suggested that if scientists and research institutions wish to tap this new source of funds, they will need to encourage and reward activities that allow scientists to engage with the public, and public engagement is the key to crowdfunding success.
The Dynamics of Crowdfunding: An Exploratory Study
Wisdom or Madness? Comparing Crowds with Expert Evaluation in Funding the Arts
In fields as diverse as technology entrepreneurship and the arts, crowds of interested stakeholders are increasingly responsible for deciding which innovations to fund, a privilege that was
Some Simple Economics of Crowdfunding
It is not surprising that the financing of early-stage creative projects and ventures is typically geographically localized since these types of funding decisions are usually predicated on personal
Exploring entrepreneurial legitimacy in reward-based crowdfunding
Venture financing through social networks has become a global phenomenon. The processes and drivers of crowdfunding require careful study to identify similarities and distinctions from traditional
Which updates during an equity crowdfunding campaign increase crowd participation?
Start-ups often post updates during equity crowdfunding campaigns. However, little is known about the effects of such updates on crowd participation. We investigate this question by using
Crowdfunding Creative Ideas: The Dynamics of Project Backers in Kickstarter
Entrepreneurs are turning to crowdfunding as a way to finance their creative ideas. Crowdfunding involves relatively small contributions of many consumer-investors over a fixed time period (generally
Raising money for scientific research through crowdfunding.