Crouching Theropods in Taxonomic Jungles: Ichnological and Ichnotaxonomic Investigations of Footprints with Metatarsal and Ischial Impressions

  title={Crouching Theropods in Taxonomic Jungles: Ichnological and Ichnotaxonomic Investigations of Footprints with Metatarsal and Ischial Impressions},
  author={Martin G. Lockley and Masaki Matsukawa and Liang Jianjun},
  pages={169 - 177}
Tracks and traces of crouching theropods are rare, known from only three specimens from the Lower Jurassic of New England and the Lower to ?mid Jurassic of China. The New England specimens reveal manus, metatarsal and sub-crescentic ischial callosity impressions associated with Grallator-like tracks. The Chinese traces reveal metatarsal traces and a sub-triangular ischial callosity impression associated with Eubrontes-like tracks. All reveal symmetrical crouching postures. Theropod crouching… 

Crouching theropod at the seaside. Matching footprints with metatarsal impressions and theropod authopods: a morphometric approach

This work, using morphometric analysis, shows the considerable potential of explorative methods such as PCA (principal component analysis) and cluster analysis when describing important characters for a given taxonomic group (body and ichnofossils) and identifying important anatomical regions.

New dinosaur tracksites from the Middle Jurassic of Madagascar: ichnotaxonomical, behavioural and palaeoenvironmental implications

Abstract:  New dinosaur tracksites are described from the Bajocian–Bathonian Bemaraha Formation of western Madagascar. Two track‐bearing surfaces can be followed over a distance of at least 4 km,

Crouching Theropod and Navahopus Sauropodomorph Tracks from the Early Jurassic Navajo Sandstone of USA

Numerous tracks and trackways are preserved in the a cross-strata of the Lower Jurassic Navajo Sandstone of northern Arizona and southern Utah, USA. Tracks and trackways of small theropod dinosaurs

A Review of the Tetrapod Track Record in China, with Special Reference to Type Ichnospecies: Implications for Ichnotaxonomy and Paleobiology

“Splitting” and “lumping” are perpetual problems in vertebrate, especially dinosaur, ichnotaxonomy. Chinese dinosaur ichnotaxonomy, which began in 1940, provides a series of interesting case studies,

Review of Japanese Dinosaur Track Localities: Implications for Ichnotaxonomy, Paleogeography and Stratigraphic Correlation

Nine dinosaur ichnospecies from the Lower Jurassic to Upper Cretaceous of Japan, including two that are new, are described herein. The new ichnotaxa are Asianopodus pulvinicalx ichnogen. et ichnosp.

A Reassessment of the Pteraichnus Ichnospecies from the Early Cretaceous of Soria Province, Spain

ABSTRACT The Cameros Basin, distributed over Soria, La Rioja and Burgos provinces in NE Spain, is apparently one of the richest sources of pterosaur footprints, with six ichnospecies of Pteraichnus

Dinosaur diversity in an Early Jurassic African desert: the significance of the Etjo Sandstone ichnofauna at the Otjihaenamaparero locality (Namibia)

About 350 dinosaur footprints, including the longest dinosaur trackway currently on record in Africa, are preserved in the Lower Jurassic Etjo Formation at the Otjihaenamaparero 92 Farm in


Kayentapus is the ichnogenus name applied to relatively large (pes length ~35 cm) tridactyl tracks of a bipedal theropod dinosaur, originally described by Samuel Welles, in 1971, based on a trackway



New dinosaur ichnotaxa from the Early Jurassic of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland

A review of the reptile and amphibian assemblages from the Stormberg of southern Africa

The Molteno, Elliot, and Clarens formations comprise the continental Stormberg Group of the Karoo Basin of South Africa and Lesotho. The Molteno Formation contains a well preserved macroand

Early Jurassic theropod tracks with the metatarsal impressions.

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