Crosstalk Suppression of a Balanced Bridge Interferometric-Type LiNbO<formula formulatype="inline"><tex>$_{3}$</tex></formula> Optical Switch by Using Mach&#x2013;Zehnder Structures


Crosstalk in a balanced bridge interferometric-type optical switch is highly suppressed by using Mach-Zehnder (MZ) structures as intensity trimmers. An imbalance in optical power is caused by deviations from the ideal dividing ratio of directional couplers in the switch, which causes an increase in the crosstalk. This imbalance was compensated for by… (More)

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@article{Chiba2008CrosstalkSO, title={Crosstalk Suppression of a Balanced Bridge Interferometric-Type LiNbO\$_\{3\}\$ Optical Switch by Using Mach–Zehnder Structures}, author={Akito Chiba and Tetsuya Kawanishi and Takahide Sakamoto and Kaoru Higuma and Masayuki Izutsu}, journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters}, year={2008}, volume={20}, pages={872-874} }