Crossmodal Recruitment of the Ventral Visual Stream in Congenital Blindness

  title={Crossmodal Recruitment of the Ventral Visual Stream in Congenital Blindness},
  author={Maurice Ptito and Isabelle Matteau and Arthur Zhi Wang and Olaf Bjarne Paulson and Hartwig R. Siebner and Ron Kupers},
  booktitle={Neural plasticity},
We used functional MRI (fMRI) to test the hypothesis that blind subjects recruit the ventral visual stream during nonhaptic tactile-form recognition. Congenitally blind and blindfolded sighted control subjects were scanned after they had been trained during four consecutive days to perform a tactile-form recognition task with the tongue display unit (TDU). Both groups learned the task at the same rate. In line with our hypothesis, the fMRI data showed that during nonhaptic shape recognition… CONTINUE READING
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