Crosslinks in the cell wall of budding yeast control morphogenesis at the mother-bud neck.

  title={Crosslinks in the cell wall of budding yeast control morphogenesis at the mother-bud neck.},
  author={Noelia Do Carmo Blanco and Michael S Reidy and Javier Arroyo and E. Cabib},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={125 Pt 23},
Previous work has shown that, in cla4Δ cells of budding yeast, where septin ring organization is compromised, the chitin ring at the mother-daughter neck becomes essential for prevention of neck widening and for cytokinesis. Here, we show that it is not the chitin ring per se, but its linkage to β(1-3)glucan that is required for control of neck growth. When in a cla4Δ background, crh1Δ crh2Δ mutants, in which the chitin ring is not connected to β(1-3)glucan, grew very slowly and showed wide and… CONTINUE READING
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