Crossing the Rubicon: new roads lead to host defense.


Rubicon is a protein known to engage the Beclin-1/Vps34-PI3K/UVRAG complex and inhibit endosome and autophagosomal fusion with lysosomes. Yang et al. (2012) uncover new roles for this adaptor protein within noncanonical p22(phox) or CARD9 complexes that regulate oxidative and cytokine responses in activated macrophages, respectively. Both complexes impact pathogen-specific host defense.

DOI: 10.1016/j.chom.2012.02.005

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@article{Bradfield2012CrossingTR, title={Crossing the Rubicon: new roads lead to host defense.}, author={Clinton J Bradfield and Bae-Hoon Kim and John D Macmicking}, journal={Cell host & microbe}, year={2012}, volume={11 3}, pages={221-3} }