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Crossing national borders : human migration issues in Northeast Asia

  title={Crossing national borders : human migration issues in Northeast Asia},
  author={Tsuneo Akaha and Anna B Vassilieva},
International migration and other types of cross-border movement are becoming an important part of international relations in Northeast Asia. In this pioneering study, experts on China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and Russia examine the political, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of the interaction between border-crossing individuals and host communities. The book highlights the challenges facing national and local leaders in each country and suggests needed changes in national and… 
Chinese–North Korean Relations and China's Policy toward Korean Cross-Border Migration, 1950–1962
Making use of Chinese Foreign Ministry archives and provincial and municipal archives, this article traces the history of cross-border migration of ethnic Koreans from 1950 to 1962, especially the
Migration between China and Russia
Drawing on data from a year's fieldwork in Northeast China and several visits to the Russian Far East, a senior scholar and a current PhD candidate examine migration between Russia and China,
Mongolian Labor Migration to Republic of Korea in Recent Historical Period: Forced Mobility and Social Event
The issues of the reasons, factors and features of labor migration of Mongolian citizens to the Republic of Korea in the post-socialist period of the country’s development are considered. The results
North Korean Refugees in South Korea :Change and Challenge in Settlement Support Policy
The aim of this article is to examine the structural conditions that affect the problem of North Korean refugees in South Korea. It provides a historical review of the changing perception and policy
Bordering and scaling Northeast Asia
ABSTRACT This article utilizes an interdisciplinary border studies perspective in order to explain the absence of regional integration in Northeast Asia. While in other parts of the world, such as
“Wind over Water”: Some Anthropological Thoughts on East Asian Migration
This chapter reviews some of the lessons that emerge from previous work on the comparative consideration of migration in East Asia. The discussion in the chapter is phrased largely in terms of a
Human security in East Asia: Embracing global norms through regional cooperation in human trafficking, labour migration, and HIV/AIDS
The paper examines the pressing human security issues in East Asia and the scope and form of institutionalisation of regional cooperation dealing with these issues. Among the issues to be examined
The Race to Connect East Asia: An Unending Steeplechase
East Asia has become more integrated as a region over the past quarter century. In looking ahead, this article identifies five central obstacles to further regionalism. Three address the composition
Chinese Migration to Russia as Revealed by Narratives in Chinese Cyberspace
The article provides a seminal analysis of the electronic resources in the Chinese cyberspace devoted to the labour migration of Chinese people to Russia. The author focuses on the online narratives
One River and Three States: The Tumen River Triangle and the Legacy of the Postsocialist Transition
Abstract:In this article, I address the contradictions and paradoxes inherent in the development of the Tumen River triangle area. After briefly examining the history and background of the


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