Crossed simplicial groups and their associated homology

  title={Crossed simplicial groups and their associated homology},
  author={Zbigniew Fiedorowicz and Jean-Louis Loday},
  journal={Transactions of the American Mathematical Society},
We introduce a notion of crossed simplicial group, which generalizes Connes' notion of the cyclic category. We show that this concept has several equivalent descriptions and give a complete classification of these structures. We also show how many of Connes' results can be generalized and simplified in this framework. A simplicial set (resp. group) is a family of sets (resp. groups) {Gn}n>0 together with maps (resp. group homomorphisms) which satisfy some well-known universal formulas. The… 

Crossed simplicial groups and structured surfaces

We propose a generalization of the concept of a Ribbon graph suitable to provide combinatorial models for marked surfaces equipped with a G-structure. Our main insight is that the necessary

Cyclic Spaces and S 1-Equivariant Homology

There are several ways of constructing simplicial models for the circle S 1. The simplest one consists in taking only two non-degenerate cells: one in dimension 0 and one in dimension 1. Another

Reflexive homology

. Reflexive homology is the homology theory associated to the reflexive crossed simplicial group; one of the fundamental crossed simplicial groups. It is the most general way to extend Hochschild

An Introduction to Hochschild and Cyclic Homology

We define Hochschild and cyclic (co)homology for simplicial and cyclic modules. The theory for an algebra A is then obtained from the canonical simplicial/cyclic module C∗(A) associated to this

Derived Character Maps of Groups Representations

. In this paper, we construct and study derived character maps of finite-dimensional representa- tions of ∞ -groups. As models for ∞ -groups we take homotopy simplicial groups, i.e. homotopy

Homological and homotopical constructions for functors on ordered groupoids

The main topic of this thesis is the generalization to ordered groupoids of some results and constructions that have arisen in groupoid theory and its applications in homological and homotopical

The cyclic homology of crossed product algebras

In their article [9] on cyclic homology, Feigin and Tsygan have given a spectral sequence for the cyclic homology of a crossed product algebra, generalizing Burghelea’s calculation [4] of the cyclic

Filtration of cohomology via symmetric semisimplicial spaces

Inspired by Deligne’s use of the simplicial theory of hypercoverings in defining mixed Hodge structures ([Del75]), we replace the indexing category ∆ by the symmetric simplicial category ∆S and study

On the geometric realization and subdivisions of dihedral sets

By expressing the geometric realization of simplicial sets and cyclic sets as filtered colimits, Drinfeld (arXiv:math/0304064v3) proved in a substantially simplified way the fundamental facts that

From manifolds to invariants of En-algebras

This thesis is the first step in an investigation of an interesting class of invariants of En-algebras which generalize topological Hochschild homology. The main goal of this thesis is to simply give



Discrete subgroups of Lie groups

Preliminaries.- I. Generalities on Lattices.- II. Lattices in Nilpotent Lie Groups.- III. Lattices in Solvable Lie Groups.- IV. Polycyclic Groups and Arithmeticity of Lattices in Solvable Lie

Homotopy Limits, Completions and Localizations

Completions and localizations.- The R-completion of a space.- Fibre lemmas.- Tower lemmas.- An R-completion of groups and its relation to the R-completion of spaces.- R-localizations of nilpotent

Categories for the Working Mathematician

I. Categories, Functors and Natural Transformations.- 1. Axioms for Categories.- 2. Categories.- 3. Functors.- 4. Natural Transformations.- 5. Monics, Epis, and Zeros.- 6. Foundations.- 7. Large

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