Cross-species proteomics in analysis of mammalian sperm proteins.

  title={Cross-species proteomics in analysis of mammalian sperm proteins.},
  author={Helen L Bayram and Amy J. Claydon and Philip J. Brownridge and Jane L Hurst and Alan J. Mileham and Paula Stockley and Robert J Beynon and Dean E Hammond},
  journal={Journal of proteomics},
UNLABELLED Many proteomics studies are conducted in model organisms for which fully annotated, detailed, high quality proteomes are available. By contrast, many studies in ecology and evolution are conducted in species which lack high quality proteome data, limiting the perceived value of a proteomic approach for protein discovery and quantification. This is particularly true of rapidly evolving proteins in the reproductive system, such as those that have an immune function or are under sexual… CONTINUE READING


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