Cross sections and analyzing powers A{sub y} in the breakup reaction ²H({ital {rvec p}},{ital pp}){ital n} at 65 MeV: Star configurations

  title={Cross sections and analyzing powers A\{sub y\} in the breakup reaction {\^A}²H(\{ital \{rvec p\}\},\{ital pp\})\{ital n\} at 65 MeV: Star configurations},
  author={J. Zejma and Marion Allet and Kazimierz Bodek and J. Lang and Ralf Mueller and Stephan B. Navert and Oscar Naviliat-Cuncic and J. Sromicki and E. Stephan and L. Jarczyk and St. Kistryn and Jerzy Smyrski and Adam Strzalkowski and Walter Gloeckle and Jacek Golak and Didier Hueber and Henryk Witała and P. A. Schmelzbach},