Cross-sectional echocardiographic detection of rheumatic mitral regurgitation.

  title={Cross-sectional echocardiographic detection of rheumatic mitral regurgitation.},
  author={L. Samuel Wann and Harvey B. Feigenbaum and Arthur E. Weyman and James C. Dillon},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={41 7},
Abstract Short-axis, cross-sectional echocardiograms of the mitral valve were performed in 20 consecutive patients with rheumatic mitral valve disease to determine if mitral regurgitation could be detected. In four patients, cross-sectional echocardiograms were technically inadequate. Of the 16 remaining patients, 8 had no significant mitral regurgitation on cineangiography, and 8 had significant regurgitation. Two independent observers reviewed videotapes of the cross-sectional echocardiograms… CONTINUE READING