Cross-reactivity pattern of rash from current aromatic antiepileptic drugs.

  title={Cross-reactivity pattern of rash from current aromatic antiepileptic drugs.},
  author={Silje Alvestad and Stian Lydersen and Eylert Brodtkorb},
  journal={Epilepsy research},
  volume={80 2-3},
We have investigated cross-reactivity of rash among the current aromatic antiepileptic drugs, particularly between the new and the traditional compounds. A retrospective survey of medical records concerning all aromatic antiepileptic drug (AED) treatment in consecutive adult patients with epilepsy was performed. Altogether 663 patients were included comprising 2567 exposures to AEDs. Skin reactions occurred in 93 patients and sequential rashes related to aromatic drugs in 17. Phenytoin (PHT… CONTINUE READING

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