Cross-over to quasi-condensation: mean-field theories and beyond

  title={Cross-over to quasi-condensation: mean-field theories and beyond},
  author={C. Henkel and T. Sauer and N. Proukakis},
  journal={Journal of Physics B},
  • C. Henkel, T. Sauer, N. Proukakis
  • Published 2017
  • Physics
  • Journal of Physics B
  • We analyze the cross-over of a homogeneous one-dimensional Bose gas from the ideal gas into the dense quasi-condensate phase. We review a number of mean-field theories, perturbative or self-consistent, and provide accurate evaluations of equation of state, density fluctuations, and correlation functions. A smooth crossover is reproduced by classical-field simulations based on the stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii equation, and the Yang-Yang solution to the one-dimensional Bose gas. 
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