Cross-national variation in determinants of climate change concern

  title={Cross-national variation in determinants of climate change concern},
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ABSTRACT Our understanding of the determinants of public concern about climate change relies heavily on survey research in the United States. But can those findings be generalized to the rest of the world? Analysis of the Pew Research Center’s 2015 Global Attitudes Survey shows fairly similar patterns in the English-speaking Western democracies and, to a lesser extent, western Europe, but party identification and political ideology matter much less in most of the globe, and demographic factors… 
Country-level conditions like prosperity, democracy, and regulatory culture predict individual climate change belief
  • S. Levi
  • Environmental Science
    Communications Earth & Environment
  • 2021
Decades after the scientific community agreed on the existence of human-made climate change, substantial parts of the world’s population remain unaware or unconvinced that human activity is
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Addressing climate change requires international effort from both governments and the public. Climate change concern is a crucial variable influencing public support for measures to address climate
Political Orientation Moderates the Relationship Between Climate Change Beliefs and Worry About Climate Change
It is shown that belief in anthropogenic climate change, followed by expectations of negative impacts fromClimate change, are the strongest predictors of worry about climate change and political orientation moderates the relationship between climate change beliefs and worry.
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Climate policy across the developed world remains inadequate, despite high levels of concern about climate change among the public. Yet public opinion on climate change is complex, with individuals
Political polarization and environmental attitudes: a cross-national analysis
  • S. Birch
  • Political Science
    Environmental Politics
  • 2019
ABSTRACT There is evidence that in the United States popular attitudes about environmental problems have been shaped by elite polarization on environmental issues. Yet there has been little


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