Cross-national replication of the gender identity interview for children.

  title={Cross-national replication of the gender identity interview for children.},
  author={Madeleine S. C. Wallien and Lena Catherine Quilty and Thomas D. Steensma and Devita Singh and Susan Lambert and Annie Leroux and Allison F H Owen-Anderson and Sarah J Kibblewhite and Susan J. Bradley and Peggy T. Cohen-Kettenis and Kenneth J Zucker},
  journal={Journal of personality assessment},
  volume={91 6},
We administered the Gender Identity Interview for Children, a 12-item child-informant measure, to children referred clinically for gender identity problems in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (N = 329) and Amsterdam, The Netherlands (N = 228) and 173 control children. Confirmatory factor analysis identified a Cognitive Gender Confusion factor (4 items) and an Affective Gender Confusion factor (8 items). Patients from both clinics had a significantly higher deviant total score than the controls, and the… CONTINUE READING

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