Cross-kingdom inhibition of breast cancer growth by plant miR159

  title={Cross-kingdom inhibition of breast cancer growth by plant miR159},
  author={Andrew R. Chin and Miranda Y. Fong and George Somlo and Jun Wu and Piotr M Swiderski and Xiwei Wu and Shizhen Emily Wang},
  journal={Cell Research},
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are critical regulators of gene expression, and exert extensive impacts on development, physiology, and disease of eukaryotes. A high degree of parallelism is found in the molecular basis of miRNA biogenesis and action in plants and animals. Recent studies interestingly suggest a potential cross-kingdom action of plant-derived miRNAs, through dietary intake, in regulating mammalian gene expression. Although the source and scope of plant miRNAs detected in mammalian specimens… CONTINUE READING
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