Cross-circulation and cell distribution kinetics in parabiotic mice.

  title={Cross-circulation and cell distribution kinetics in parabiotic mice.},
  author={Barry C. Gibney and Kenji Chamoto and Grace Soyon Lee and Dinee C Simpson and Lino F Miele and Akira Tsuda and Moritz Anton Konerding and Amy J. Wagers and Steven J. Mentzer},
  journal={Journal of cellular physiology},
  volume={227 2},
Blood-borne nucleated cells participate not only in inflammation, but in tissue repair and regeneration. Because progenitor and stem cell populations have a low concentration in the blood, the circulation kinetics and tissue distribution of these cells is largely unknown. An important approach to tracking cell lineage is the use of fluorescent tracers and parabiotic models of cross-circulation. Here, we investigated the cross-circulation and cell distribution kinetics of C57/B6 GFP(+)/wild-type… CONTINUE READING


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