Cross-border biographies: representations of the “Bukharan” Jewish self in changing cultural and political settings

  title={Cross-border biographies: representations of the “Bukharan” Jewish self in changing cultural and political settings},
  author={Thomas R. Loy},
  journal={Journal of Modern Jewish Studies},
  • Thomas R. Loy
  • Published 30 June 2022
  • Journal of Modern Jewish Studies



The Jewish Century

Preface vii Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 CHAPTER 1: Mercury's Sandals: The Jews and Other Nomads 4 CHAPTER 2: Swann's Nose: The Jews and Other Moderns 40 CHAPTER 3: Babel's First Love: The Jews

The Mashhadi Jews (Djedids) in Central Asia

  • A. Kaganovich
  • Geography
    The Mashhadi Jews (Djedids) in Central Asia
  • 2007

The Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939

The Soviet Union was the first of Europe's multiethnic states to confront the rising tide of nationalism by systematically promoting the national consciousness of its ethnic minorities and

Collectivization and Social Engineering: Soviet Administration and the Jews of Uzbekistan 1917-1939

Zeev Levin presents a study of the Jewish population of Uzbekistan at a time when the Soviet government was attempting to transform Jewish peddlers into peasants and factory workers – to fill the

The Fate of Indigenous and Soviet Central Asian Jews in Afghanistan, 1933–1951

Starting in 1933 the government of Afghanistan began excluding Jews from trade, forced them to move from frontiers to the main cities, and declared a policy of forcing all Jews to leave the country.

Friendship under lock and key: the Soviet Central Asian border, 1918–34

This paper addresses early Soviet efforts to secure ‘under lock and key’ its over-5000-km-long Central Asian border with Iran, Afghanistan and Xinjiang. The state sought to build relations of trust

A Political and Economic History of the Jews of Afghanistan

Dedication Acknowledgements Abbreviations for Archival Sources Various Va'adot: An Explanatory Note Glossary of Terms The Rulers of Afghanistan (1747-1973) Note on Hebrew Transliteration Chapter One: