Cross-backbone templating; ribodinucleotides made on poly(C).

  title={Cross-backbone templating; ribodinucleotides made on poly(C).},
  author={I. Majerfeld and Deepa Puthenvedu and M. Yarus},
  volume={22 3},
  • I. Majerfeld, Deepa Puthenvedu, M. Yarus
  • Published 2016
  • Biology, Medicine
  • RNA
  • G(5')pp(5')G synthesis from pG and chemically activated 2MeImpG is accelerated by the addition of complementary poly(C), but affected only slightly by poly(G) and not at all by poly(U) and poly(A). This suggests that 3'-5' poly(C) is a template for uncatalyzed synthesis of 5'-5' GppG, as was poly(U) for AppA synthesis, previously. The reaction occurs at 50 mM mono- and divalent ion concentrations, at moderate temperatures, and near pH 7. The reactive complex at the site of enhanced synthesis of… CONTINUE READING
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