Cross-Talk between Adherens Junctions and Desmosomes Depends on Plakoglobin

  title={Cross-Talk between Adherens Junctions and Desmosomes Depends on Plakoglobin},
  author={Jani E. Lewis and James K. Wahl and Kristin M. Sass and Pamela J. Jensen and Keith R. Johnson and Margaret J. Wheelock},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={919 - 934}
Squamous epithelial cells have both adherens junctions and desmosomes. The ability of these cells to organize the desmosomal proteins into a functional structure depends upon their ability first to organize an adherens junction. Since the adherens junction and the desmosome are separate structures with different molecular make up, it is not immediately obvious why formation of an adherens junction is a prerequisite for the formation of a desmosome. The adherens junction is composed of a… CONTINUE READING
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