Cross-Phase Modulation in AlGaAs Photonic Nanowires

  title={Cross-Phase Modulation in AlGaAs Photonic Nanowires},
  author={David Duchesne and Roberto Morandotti and G A Siviloglou and Ramy El-Ganainy and G. I. Stegeman and D. N. Christodoulides and Daniele Modotto and Aldo Locatelli and Costantino De Angelis and Fabio Pozzi and Marc Sorel},
  journal={2007 Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference},
Cross-Phase modulation (XPM) is investigated in AlGaAs nanowires by way of cross- polarised co-propagating pulses. A XPM to SPM (Self-Phase Modulation) ratio of 0.92 is determined at 1557 nm.