Cross-Layer Performance Study of Cooperative Diversity System With ARQ

  title={Cross-Layer Performance Study of Cooperative Diversity System With ARQ},
  author={Veluppillai Mahinthan and Humphrey Rutagemwa and Jon W. Mark and Xuemin Shen},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology},
In this paper, a cross-layer design of a wireless communication system is proposed by considering a quadrature signaling (QS)-based cooperative diversity (CD) system employing truncated stop-and-wait automatic repeat request (ARQ) for error control. The proposed CD-ARQ scheme employs selection relaying at the partner, and all the transmission channels are assumed to exhibit Nakagami-m fading. To analyze the cross-layer performance of the proposed scheme, a Markov model is developed by capturing… CONTINUE READING
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