Cross-Language Information Retrieval

  title={Cross-Language Information Retrieval},
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This bibliography contains every work on cross-language information retrieval that is known to the author. Papers describing techniques for nding documents or recorded speech in one human language based on queries using terms selected from a diierent human language are within the scope of this work. Reports on techniques which could potentially be useful for cross-language information retrieval but which lack direct coverage of the topic are intentionally excluded in order to retain the value… 

Query expansion for personalized cross-language information retrieval

Experiments semi-automatically constructed by using bilingual Wikipedia documents showed that in general personalized approaches work better than non-personalized approaches and that an individual user model generated from one language can be used to enhance the personalized cross-language information retrieval.

An Improvement in Statistical Machine Translation in Perspective of Hindi-English Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval

A Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) system is trained on two parallel corpora separately, a large English language corpus is used for language modeling in SMT and these experimental setups are used to translate the Hindi language queries for the experimental analysis of Hindi-English CLIR.

Building Vietnamese Topic Modeling Based on Core Terms and Applying in Text Classification

A novel method for building Vietnamese topic model based on core terms and conditional probability is proposed and cost of time for building corpus is reduced, which will help text classification system really effectively than traditional methods, higher accuracy and reduced complex data processing.

Research on Cross-language Vertical Search Engine Strategy for E-commerce of Characteristic Agricultural Products

commerce of Characteristic Agricultural Products Ning Ma , Yaru Cao , Xiangzhen He, Fucheng Wan, Jiajia Li and Heng Yang Northwest Minzu University, Lanzhou city, Gansu province, China Northwest



Cross-Language Information Retrieval

Providing systems for CLIR remains difficult, with translation ambiguity and insufficient lexical coverage being among the most prominent problems.

Cross-Language Multi-Media Information Retrieval

In evaluating the similarity thesaurus-based approach to cross-language retrieval over a parallel collection of legal texts, it is shown that cross- language retrieval can perform equally as well as monolingual retrieval in the certain cases.

Cross-Language Text Retrieval Research in the USA

The paper concludes by describing the structure of sponsored research on cross-language text retrieval in the United States and some brief observations of the potential for collaboration with European researchers on aspects of the problem which are of mutual interest.

Using latent semantic indexing for multilanguage information retrieval

The merging strategy proposed in this study enables LSI to retrieve relevant documents effectively using a minimum of the database in a foreign language.

Cross-Language Information Retrieval: A System for Comparable Corpus Querying

A system that has been designed to process and query comparable text corpora, i.e. collections of texts from pairs or multiples of languages referring to the same domain, which could have applications in the fields of terminology and crosslingual document retrieval.

Implementing Cross-Language Text Retrieval Systems for Large-scale Text Collections and the World Wide Web

The QUILT system integrates traditional, glossary-based machine txanslation technology with information retrieval approaches and demonstrates that relatively simple term substitution and disambiguation approaches can he viable for cross-language text retrieval.

Automatic Cross-Language Retrieval Using Latent Semantic Indexing

A method for fully automated cross-language document retrieval in which no query translation is required and this automatic method performs comparably to a retrieval method based on machine translation (MT-LSI).

A survey of multilingual text retrieval

This report reviews the present state of the art in selection of texts in one language based on queries in another a problem we refer to as multilingual text retrieval Present applications of

Multilingual Thesauri in Cross-Language Text and Speech Retrieval

This paper sets forth a framework for the use of thesauri as knowledge bases in cross-language retrieval. It provides a general introduction to thesaurus functions, structure, and construction with

Using Structured Queries for Disambiguation in Cross-Language Information Retrieval

It is claimed that boolea~l conjunction (the AND operator) provides siml)le and automatic disambiguation in the target language and a new weighted boolean model based on a probabilistic formulation a~l(l apply it to the crosslanguage text retriewd prol)lem is derived.