Cross-Cultural Analysis of Social Network Services in Japan, Korea, and the USA

  title={Cross-Cultural Analysis of Social Network Services in Japan, Korea, and the USA},
  author={Aaron Marcus and Niranjan Krishnamurthi},
The techniques of cross-cultural analysis of Websites based on culture models are used to examine user-interface components (the metaphors, mental models, navigation, interaction, and appearance) of social networking sites in three countries. The authors note and evaluate patterns of similarity and difference in the Website designs that seem to link social networking sites by culture dimensions. 

Cultural values reflected in corporate pages on popular social network sites in China and the United States

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Trust and three different value constructs, including social value, hedonic value and epistemic value, were adopted in this study to examine their influence on individual's stickiness to use Facebook in Taiwan and how national culture's construct affects the personal usage behaviours.

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Despite calls for better co-operation between countries and different cultures, there is still confrontation between people, groups and nations. But at the same time they are exposed to common

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An effort to collect expert opinion about these cultural dimensions and how they influence user-interface design was described, with the goal to determine the most important dimensions.

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Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind

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  • Japanese Facebook takes Model T approach The Japan Times Online
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