Cross-Border Forms of Animal Use by Indigenous Peoples

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Untold Stories: Indigenous Knowledge Beyond the Changing Arctic Cryosphere
Scientific attention to climate change in the Arctic has spurred extensive research, including many studies of Indigenous knowledge and the effects of climate change on Indigenous peoples. These
The Shrinking Resource Base of Pastoralism: Saami Reindeer Husbandry in a Climate of Change
The productive performance of large ungulates in extensive pastoral grazing systems is modulated simultaneously by the effects of climate change and human intervention independent of climate change.


Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights Regarding Indigenous Peoples: Retrospect and Prospects
The development of international law relating to indigenous peoples has been rapid, in particular if one considers advances at the universal level since the 1980s. The article provides a short
Borders, citizenship and change: the case of the Sami people, 1751–2008
The Sami, an indigenous people in north-western Europe, today faces the challenge of having their territory, Sápmi, partitioned among four nation states; Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Whereas