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Crop tree management in eastern hardwoods

  title={Crop tree management in eastern hardwoods},
  author={Arlyn W. Perkey and Brenda L. Wilkins},

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Herbicide Hardwood Crop Tree Release in Central West Virginia
This study indicates that chemical crop tree release treatments using stem injection with label recommended solutions of Accord or Garlon 3A are an effective way to increase the future value of black cherry basal area.
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Study results generally support current recommendations for thinning Allegheny hardwoods for wood volume production, though stands with relatively high proportions of black cherry may respond better to densities greater than recommended levels for optimal sawtimber volume production.
Early effects of crop tree management on undergrowth plant diversity and soil physicochemical properties in a Pinus massoniana plantation
Undergrowth plant diversity and soil physicochemical properties under three different crop tree densities showed that the contents of available phosphorus, organic matter and hydrolysable nitrogen in the topsoil increased significantly after crop tree management, while content of available potassium decreased.
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Thinning is one of the primordial silvicultural practices. It has been analysed by its methods and intensities, associated to the tree selection criteria. Yet, while some methods are of generalised
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Nearly one-quarter of upland oak forests in the Eastern United States are poorly stocked, often as the result of high-grading or repeated diameter-limit harvests. Returning poorly stocked stands to
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It is important to include poplar root suckers in investigations regarding second generations of poplar stands, as thinning improves stem growth, production, and stem stability of crop trees.
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The increasing demands for products and services from forests enhanced new approaches to stand composition, structure, and management, which encompass multiple use systems, frequently mixed either
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Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) is capable of impressive yields on a wide range of sites, but that volume is often skewed to low grade because of black knots. In this case study, we examined
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Ten-year results for an administrative study on the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) that examined their cleaning (precommercial thinning) prescriptions and standards for success in maintaining oak