Crohn's diseases of the ascending colon presenting in an unusual way.


Case Report In November I941 the patient, a previously healthy woman of 27 years, was admitted to hospital with a 24-hour history of generalized abdominal pain and vomiting, the pain later localizing to the hypogastrium. At operation the appendix was removed through a grid-iron incision in the right iliac fossa. It was described as septic but was not examined histologically. Convalescence was satisfactory until the fourth postoperative day, when the patient developed a swinging temperature, abdominal distension and complete constipation. On the tenth postoperative day the abdomen was again opened and an anastomosis was made between the lower jejunum and upper ileum (sic); this, however, led to no improvement and two days later the lower ileum was drained, after which the patient made a slow recovery. The ileostomy closed spontaneously and the patient was discharged from hospital in January I942. Seven years later the patient first attended the Middlesex Hospital, complaining of lassitude, loss of two stone in weight, amenorrhoea, diarrhoea and intermittent oedema of the ankles, all of which had appeared shortly after her illness in 194I. She had also suffered from a resistant anaemia which had been treated with liver injections and iron. A barium enema revealed a fistula between the upper jejunum and the transverse colon. Haemoglojbin was 78 per cent. and plasma proteins 5.4 gm. per

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