Crocodilians use tools for hunting

  title={Crocodilians use tools for hunting},
  author={V. Dinets and J. Brueggen and J. D. Brueggen},
  journal={Ethology Ecology & Evolution},
  pages={74 - 78}
  • V. Dinets, J. Brueggen, J. D. Brueggen
  • Published 2015
  • Biology
  • Ethology Ecology & Evolution
  • Using objects as hunting lures is very rare in nature, having been observed in just a handful of species. We report the use of twigs and sticks as bird lures by two crocodilian species. At least one of them uses this method predominantly during the nest-building season of its prey. This is the first known case of a predator not just using objects as lures, but also taking into account the seasonality of prey behavior. It provides a surprising insight into previously unrecognized complexity of… CONTINUE READING
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