Criticism of conventional methods of treating solid tumours in man.

  • G C Crile
  • Published 1970 in British medical journal


The title of this paper was not my invention; it was assigned to me. It implies that I am not only critical of the conventional treatments of solid tumours, which in some respects I am, but also that I have devised better ways of treating them, a point about which I am not sure. Nothing short of extensive randomized studies will determine what kind of treatments are best from the standpoint of cure. Nevertheless, until it -is proved that radical operations and prophylactic irradiation therapy are superior to simpler forms of treatment it is better to select the treatment that leaves the patient the least deformed and the most comfortable. In patients with cancer of the breast, for example, there is little or no difference between the rates of survival of patients treated by radical operations as compared to simple ones. Since many patients fear the deformities inflicted by radical mastectomy and irradiation almost as much as they do the disease, probably if nothing but simple treatments were advised patients would come to the surgeon earlier and the rate of cure might be increased.

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