Critical translation studies

  title={Critical translation studies},
  author={Jonathan Evans},
  pages={675 - 677}
made several translations himself, but also contributed to a book on the subject (Opera in English, The Bodley Head, 1946); Dent elicits from Apter and Herman only a dismissive reference to one of his early Mozart translations. Above all, English National Opera (ENO) and its predecessor, Sadler’s Wells Opera, have a fine tradition of opera in English dating back to the 1930s, with comprehensible, singable and workmanlike English versions by such tireless translators as Norman Tucker, TomHammond… 
Cultural translation, universality and emancipation
In a way, the history of Translation Studies, at least for the last decades, has been that of a continuous broadening of the field of study. If the 1990s witnessed the “cultural turn” famously
“Kiss Me on the Lips, for I Love You” Over A Century of Heterosexism in the Spanish Translation of Oscar Wilde
The translation of sexuality has proven to be challenging throughout the times due to the dominant mores at the time of translation. Framed within Critical Translation Studies, this article examines
Translating Interfaces in the Ms. Magazine Archive
Yours in Sisterhood is an iterative, multimodal media project that includes a 2018 feature length performative documentary, produced and directed by filmmaker Irene Lusztig, and a digital archive
Towards a pedagogy of accessibility: The need for critical learning spaces in media accessibility education and training
Until now, the debate on education and training in accessibility has largely ignored the core competences of the accessibility expert, as it has tended to focus exclusively on context- and


Translation and Subjectivity: On Japan and cultural nationalism
For the past several years in the fields of linguistics, anthropology, literature, regional studies, and history, there has been a growing revolt against the constrictions imposed by what Naoki Sakai
Tokens of Exchange: The Problem of Translation in Global Circulations
The problem of translation has become increasingly central to critical reflections on modernity and its universalizing processes. Approaching translation as a symbolic and material exchange among
The Queer Art of Failure
Judith ‘Jack’ Halberstam’s The Queer Art of Failure sets itself the task of ‘dismantl[ing] the logics of success and failure with which we currently live’ (2011: 2). To do so it constructs what
The Clash of Empires: The Invention of China in Modern World Making
The Clash of Empires: The Invention of China in Modern World Making, by Lydia H. Liu. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2006. xvi + 318 pp. US$17.95 (paperback). Lydia Liu begins The Clash of
What is Translation?: Centrifugal Theories, Critical Interventions
An investigation into the state of translation studies which looks ahead at the direction in which the author sees the field moving. Included are reviews of the work of translation theorists. A
Exorcising Translation: Towards an Intercivilizational Turn
Translingual practice: National literature, culture and translation modernity -China
  • 1900
Introduction: Addressing the multitude of foreigners
  • echoing Foucault. Traces
  • 2006