Critical roles for c-Myb in lymphoid priming and early B-cell development.

  title={Critical roles for c-Myb in lymphoid priming and early B-cell development.},
  author={Kylie T Greig and Carolyn A. de Graaf and James M. Murphy and Marina R Carpinelli and Swee Heng Milon Pang and Jon Frampton and Benjamin T Kile and Douglas J. Hilton and Stephen L Nutt},
  volume={115 14},
c-Myb is a transcription factor with functions in many hematopoietic lineages. c-Myb-deficient mice display reduced numbers of B cells; however, it is unknown what role c-Myb plays in B lymphopoiesis because no critical target genes have been identified in the B-cell lineage. We demonstrate that conditional deletion of c-Myb in B-cell progenitors completely abolishes B-cell development. c-Myb is required for lymphoid progenitors to respond to the cytokines interleukin-7 and thymic stromal… CONTINUE READING


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