Critical dielectric susceptibility at a magnetic BEC quantum critical point

  title={Critical dielectric susceptibility at a magnetic BEC quantum critical point},
  author={Shohei Hayashida and L. Huberich and D. B. Flavi'an and Z. Yan and K. Yu. Povarov and Severian Gvasaliya and Andrey Zheludev},
  journal={Physical Review Research},
Magnetic-field-induced phase transitions are investigated in the frustrated gapped quantum paramagnet Rb$_{2}$Cu$_{2}$Mo$_{3}$O$_{12}$ through dielectric and calorimetric measurements on single crystal samples. It is clarified that the previously reported dielectric anomaly at 8 K in powder samples is not due to a chiral spin liquid state as has been suggested, but rather to a tiny amount of a ferroelectric impurity phase. Two field-induced quantum phase transitions between paraelectric… 


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