Critical control points in the impact of the proinflammatory immune response on growth and metabolism.

  title={Critical control points in the impact of the proinflammatory immune response on growth and metabolism.},
  author={Theodore H. Elsasser and Thomas J. Caperna and C Li and Stanislaw Kahl and James L. Sartin},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={86 14 Suppl},
Intrinsic in the equation for successful animal production is the efficiency of nutrient use for assimilation into useful animal-derived products. However, when young growing animals encounter various stressors that activate the proinflammatory response (PR), the biochemical effects of the resulting cascade of PR mediators [cytokines, prostaglandin and prosta-cyclin derivatives, nitric oxide (NO), superoxide anion (O2(.-)), etc.] override the regulatory signals normally ascribed to anabolic… CONTINUE READING


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