Critical charge characterization in 6-T SRAMs during read mode

  title={Critical charge characterization in 6-T SRAMs during read mode},
  author={Sebasti{\`a}n A. Bota and Gabriel Torrens and Bartomeu Alorda},
  journal={2009 15th IEEE International On-Line Testing Symposium},
In this work we analyze the effects of radiation-induced transient pulses on 6T SRAM cells operating in read mode. The critical charge of a memory cell during read mode is lower than in hold mode. For 1 to 0 upsets, this reduction reaches a factor x1.5 for events produced by alpha particles; this factor is even higher for longer induced current pulses. The impact of events propagated through the bit-lines is also analyzed. Results show that it is possible the occurrence of an upset in the Sense… CONTINUE READING
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