Critical analysis of empiric antibiotic utilization: establishing benchmarks.

  title={Critical analysis of empiric antibiotic utilization: establishing benchmarks.},
  author={Jeffrey A. Claridge and Priscilla Pang and William H. Leukhardt and Joseph F. Golob and Jeffrey W Carter and Adam Fadlalla},
  journal={Surgical infections},
  volume={11 2},
AIM We critically evaluated empiric antibiotic practice in the surgical and trauma intensive care unit (STICU) with three specific objectives: (1) To characterize empiric antibiotics practice prospectively; (2) to determine how frequently STICU patients started on empiric antibiotics subsequently have a confirmed infection; and (3) to elucidate the complications associated with unnecessary empiric antibiotic therapy. METHODS We collected data prospectively using the Surgical Intensive Care… CONTINUE READING