Critical Population Density Triggers Rapid Formation of Vast Oceanic Fish Shoals

  title={Critical Population Density Triggers Rapid Formation of Vast Oceanic Fish Shoals},
  author={N. Makris and P. Ratilal and S. Jagannathan and Z. Gong and Mark Andrews and Ioannis Bertsatos and O. R. God{\o} and R. Nero and J. Jech},
  pages={1734 - 1737}
  • N. Makris, P. Ratilal, +6 authors J. Jech
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Similarities in the behavior of diverse animal species that form large groups have motivated attempts to establish general principles governing animal group behavior. [...] Key Result By quantifying the formation processes of vast oceanic fish shoals during spawning, we show that (i) a rapid transition from disordered to highly synchronized behavior occurs as population density reaches a critical value; (ii) organized group migration occurs after this transition; and (iii) small sets of leaders significantly…Expand Abstract
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