Critical Lattice Model for a Haagerup Conformal Field Theory.

  title={Critical Lattice Model for a Haagerup Conformal Field Theory.},
  author={Robijn Vanhove and Laurens Lootens and Martin Van Damme and Ramona Wolf and Tobias J. Osborne and Jutho Haegeman and F. Verstraete},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={128 23},
We use the formalism of strange correlators to construct a critical classical lattice model in two dimensions with the Haagerup fusion category H_{3} as input data. We present compelling numerical evidence in the form of finite entanglement scaling to support a Haagerup conformal field theory (CFT) with central charge c=2. Generalized twisted CFT spectra are numerically obtained through exact diagonalization of the transfer matrix, and the conformal towers are separated in the spectra through… 

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