Critical Exploration in the Classroom

  title={Critical Exploration in the Classroom},
  author={E. Duckworth},
  journal={The New Educator},
  pages={257 - 272}
Turning to the Pedagogy of “Listening”
“Lecturing” pedagogy puts teachers’ lecturing at the core of education. Both knowledge and norms become the “goods” waiting to be transmitted to students. This pedagogy keeps a control- basedExpand
Opening Possibilities in Experimental Science and its History: Critical Explorations with Pendulums and Singing Tubes
AbstractA teacher and a college student explore experimental science and its history by reading historical texts, and responding with replications and experiments of their own. A curriculum ofExpand
Theories and Practices Behind Educational Robotics for All
The chapter aims at helping educators and classroom teachers who are new to using educational robotics as a learning tool in their classrooms. It discusses the approaches using robotics as a learningExpand
Complexity in restorative justice education circles: Power and privilege in voicing perspectives about sexual health, identities, and relationships
Restorative justice pedagogies, such as dialogue or peacemaking circles, allow students to learn how to share and listen with peers, set boundaries for moral dialogue, and engage constructively wit...
Developing a new generation of scientist communicators through effective public outreach
Science disengagement amongst school children remains a global challenge, leading to calls for more scientists to engage with the public. Here the authors discuss how a voluntary, flexible programExpand
We Are, I Am, You Are: “Joining in” as a Pedagogy and Research Tool
We define and show one way we teach the process of “joining in,” where students learn to make non-judgmental associations and connections around a common text or piece of data. We then provide threeExpand
Learning, Teaching, and Social Justice: Eleanor Duckworth’s Perspective
This chapter presents Duckworth’s ideas on education in the context of school reform, summarizing both published sources and interviews. Central values of her career are examined: Schools shouldExpand
“At Sea”: Reversibility in Teaching and Learning
An equal-armed balance at equilibrium—the bar is horizontal—tips into disequilibrium upon displacing a weight. Equilibrium is restored by reversing that move—putting the weight back where it was, orExpand
Bringing Robotics in Classrooms
Learning with educational robotics provides students, who usually are the consumers of technology, with opportunities to stop, question, and think deeply about technology. When designing,Expand


"Tell me more" : listening to learners explain
This text elaborates on Eleanor Duckworth's work in teaching and learning. Duckworth and six of her colleagues describe learners (who range in age from five to adulthood) coming to connect with sevenExpand
Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching
In this study, an experienced classroom teacher takes us into her fifth-grade maths class through the course of a year and shows how classroom dynamics - the complex relationship of teacher, studentExpand
Integrity in Teaching: Recognizing the Fusion of the Moral and Intellectual
In this article we examine the relationship between teaching as a knowledge endeavor and teaching as a moral enterprise, using episodes from our own elementary school teaching as sites for ourExpand
Understanding the Presidency
1. Constitutional Origins of the Presidency. The Creation of the Presidency, Charles C. Thatch, Jr.James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison.Federalist No. 69, Alexander Hamilton.FederalistExpand
Young Children Continue to Reinvent Arithmetic--3rd Grade: Implications of Piaget's Theory
As in previous volumes, Kamii uses Piaget's groundbreaking work in constructivism as well as her own years of research in classrooms to closely observe what third grade children actually "do" whenExpand
"The having of wonderful ideas" and other essays on teaching and learning
In this revised Third Edition of her indispensable classic on Piaget and teaching, renowned educator and scholar Eleanor Duckworth provides a new introduction to her wide-ranging writings and adds aExpand
On Listening to What the Children Say
A growing number of teachers and researchers are collaborating on research projects involving classroom learning; some teachers, however, become their own investigative reporters. Vivian Gussin PaleyExpand
A (Philadelphia) Teacher's Journal.
Young Children Reinvent Arithmetic: Implications of Piaget's Theory
Based on the constructivist Jean Piaget's theories on how children develop logico-mathematical thinking, this text describes and develops a programme for teaching arithmetic to young primary schoolExpand
Young children reinvent arithmetic