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Criteria for Selecting Mobile Application Testing Tools

  title={Criteria for Selecting Mobile Application Testing Tools},
  author={Bostjan Arzensek and Marjan Heri{\vc}ko},
The importance of software testing has been discussed and proven in many articles and in existing research. Software testing plays a key role in providing quality software solutions and services. Standard testing approaches and methodologies were adequate until the arrival of mobile technologies. With mobile technologies, the testing process was forced to change in the face of significant challenges, the most important one being mobility. Mobility provides a pallet of challenges that are unique… Expand
Automated functional testing of mobile applications: a systematic mapping study
A systematic mapping study to find, analyze, and classify papers in the scientific literature that are related to the automation of functional testing of mobile applications with the aim to provide a classification scheme useful for researchers and practitioners to have a clear view of the state of the art and to easily find existing solutions to their issues. Expand
Systematic literature review of mobile application development and testing effort estimation
  • A. Kaur, Kulwant Kaur
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences
  • 2018
A Systematic Literature Review is conducted to highlight development and testing estimation process for software/application and to identify and compare existing test estimation techniques for traditional software (desktop/laptop) and for mobile software/ application. Expand
Investigation on test effort estimation of mobile applications: Systematic literature review and survey
It is concluded that the importance of identified mobile app characteristics from SLR cannot be ignored in the estimation process of mobile software testing and there might be a possibility to improve existing test estimation techniques for mobile apps by giving weight to mobile app specific characteristics and by considering suggestions from experienced developers and testers. Expand
Mobile Application Development: Automated Test Input Generation Via Model Inference based on User Story and Acceptance Criteria
  • Hena Iqbal
  • 2019 International Conference on Digitization (ICD)
  • 2019
In the past few years, there has been observed explosive growth in the development of Mobile Applications across Android and iOS operating system which has led to the direct impact towards mobile appExpand
Design and Implementation of an Information Dissemination App for University Communities: A Case Study from an Educational Perspective
This study pinpoints the current challenges with the traditional method of information dissemination in university communities. It designed a model that addressed these challenges, implemented theExpand
An Empirical Investigation of Effort Estimation in Mobile Apps Using Agile Development Process
The results revealed that Planning Poker (PP) and Expert Judgment (EJ) were the most frequently used estimation techniques in mobile app projects. Expand
Designing multiscale hybrid platform for testing and evaluationg IoT systems. (Conception d'une plate-forme multi-échelle hybride pour évaluer les performances de systèmes orientés internet des objets)
This work presents the architecture of IoTaaS (Internet of Things Testing As A Service), a hierarchy of a distributedcloud for testing and evaluating IoT, and describes how it can exchange data without being connected, and explains which data could be transferred using COLDE. Expand


Mobile application testing — Challenges and solution approach through automation
This paper wants to investigate new directions in research on the type of testing and skills required on mobile app testing by answering the following three research questions: How mobile applications testing are so different from traditional web applications, that require specialized testing skills and techniques. Expand
Software testing of mobile applications: Challenges and future research directions
This paper wants to investigate new research directions on mobile applications testing automation, by answering three research questions by analyzing the current state of the art in mobile applications development and testing, and by proposing the view on the topic. Expand
Mobile Application Testing: A Tutorial
To cope with frequent upgrades of mobile devices and technologies, engineers need a reusable and cost-effective environment for testing mobile applications and an elastic infrastructure to supportExpand
Smart mobile SoCs driving the semiconductor industry: Technology trend, challenges and opportunities
  • G. Yeap
  • Engineering
  • 2013 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting
  • 2013
The explosive growth of smart mobile wireless devices in recent years has fundamentally transformed the semiconductor industry. Mobile system-on-chips (SoCs) has become the leading product driver forExpand
Towards a Better Understanding of Context and Context-Awareness
Some of the research challenges in understanding context and in developing context-aware applications are discussed, which are increasingly important in the fields of handheld and ubiquitous computing, where the user?s context is changing rapidly. Expand
Mobile Application Testing – Research
  • Practice , Issues and Needs Testing
  • 2013
Mobile application testing: A tutorial, 46–55
  • Requirements and Features,
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Main issues in mobile app testing
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Supporting Multiple Screens
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Gartner Says Worldwide PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone Combined Shipments to Reach 2.4 Billion Units in 2013
  • Gartner Says Worldwide PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone Combined Shipments to Reach 2.4 Billion Units in 2013
  • 2013