Criteria and their Influence on the Tactical Decision-Making of Commanders in Operations

  title={Criteria and their Influence on the Tactical Decision-Making of Commanders in Operations},
  author={J. Kenneth Cerny and Jarom{\'i}r Pita{\vs}},
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Abstract Decision-making is one of the core activities of commanders in operations. Commanders (with the help of staffs) carry out decision making, or the decision-making process in planning, because decision-making processes lie at the heart of planning processes. Commanders’ and staffs’ decision-making consists of the creation and assessment of various alternatives (variants of actions) according to certain aspects (criteria) and their mutual comparison, risk assessment, selection of the most… 
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Use of the Decision Tree Method in the Process of Creating Variants of Friendly Activities Within Staff Planning At the Tactical Level

The authors focus on developing the use of the “decision trees” method in the preparation of variants of friendly activities, which can be incorporated into the stage decision-making process and used in combination with the decision tree method.



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