Crisp--A Fault Localization Tool for Java Programs


Crisp is an Eclipse plug-in tool for constructing intermediate versions of a Java program that is being edited. After a long editing session, a programmer will run regression tests to make sure she has not invalidated previously tested functionality. If a test fails unexpectedly, Crisp allows the programmer to select parts of the edit that affected the failing test and to add them to the original program, creating an intermediate version guaranteed to compile. Then the programmer can re-execute the test in order to locate the exact reasons for the failure by concentrating on those affecting changes that were applied. Using Crisp, a programmer can iteratively select, apply, and undo individual (or sets of) affecting changes and, thus effectively find a small set of failure-inducing changes. Crisp is an extension to our change impact analysis tool, Chianti, [6].

DOI: 10.1109/ICSE.2007.29

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