Crisis management


XRDS • S P R I N G 2 0 17 • V O L . 2 3 • N O . 3 and thesis work to participants. The main appeal of the event was the opportunity to work with experts in the field, learning from and networking with them. Commenting on the event, Tran says she finds that big companies are interested in creating gender-equal teams, with equal numbers of men and women. They thus signed up female experts to attend the workshop and lead some of the projects, looking to introduce more female role models and form gender-equal teams. Having both male and female team leaders would basically help challenge the idea that only men are capable of being leaders, helping alter participants’ preconceptions about gender roles in computer science. The workshop followed the tradition of ACM womENcourage (https://, another important scientific event, the second of which was organized at Uppsala University in 2015 to enable networking and exploration of career opportunities for women. The 2016 event was viewed as particularly bold and effective when Fayiq Alghamdi, an Uppsala Ph.D. student, presented a paper, “Women in Computing in Saudi Arabia,” analyzing the notably large number of women studying computer science in Saudi Arabia. Given how well these events worked out, UU ACM-W now plans to organize a small student conference of its own. “In the future,” says Tran, “we would like to continue organizing events that are both supporting the students’ future careers and promoting gender equality in computer science.” —Anshuman Majumdar Despite their negative connotations, crisis situations entail two things—a threat and an opportunity for growth. Inventions like drones, the GPS system, and cloud storage are all outcomes of crisis troubleshooting agendas, regardless of domain, whether finance, politics, or IT. Here, we explore milestones in crisis management.

DOI: 10.1145/3057923

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