Crises of the Republic

  title={Crises of the Republic},
  author={Seyla Benhabib},
A atualidade de Walden e do conceito de desobediência civil como forma de luta contra um sistema sociopolítico e legal, cujas leis não mais operam e refletem direitos e garantias sociais, mostra-se
Within the heart’s darkness: The role of emotions in Arendt’s political thought
  • Dan Degerman
  • Philosophy
    European journal of political theory : EJPT
  • 2019
It is argued that fear is intrinsically connected to courage – the principal political virtue – in Arendt’s philosophy and can help us avoid the potential pitfalls of the contemporary project to recuperate the emotions in politics.
State civil disobedience: A republican perspective
  • Danny Michelsen
  • Political Science, Law
    Journal of International Political Theory
  • 2018
The article deals with the question of whether or under which circumstances it is reasonable to interpret some forms of illegal state action as civil disobedience and whether republican political
Domestic homologies and household politics: A comment on Patricia Owens’s Economy of Force
In July 1967, Hannah Arendt wrote to the editor of the New Yorker, William Shawn, to praise Jonathan Schell’s recently published report on Ben Suc, a village of several thousand people along the
The specifi city of torture as trauma: The human wilderness when words fail
This essay refl ects upon those phenomena of suggestion and hypnosis that are at work in human groups under ordinary conditions and that are exacerbated under social crises, following the Freudian axis developed in Group psychology and the analysis of the ego.
Anonymous's Glory
Hannah Arendt is unusual among contemporary political theorists for many reasons, not least of which is her apparent praise for the pursuit of glory. Yet, far from arguing for its enduring relevance,
Hannah Arendt and social work: A critical commentary
Although social work engagement with Hannah Arendt (1906–1975) has been meagre, it has been recently suggested that her conceptualisations are significant for the profession. This article seeks to
The Emergence of ‘Extremism’ and ‘Radicalisation’: An investigation into the discursive conditions that have enabled UK counter-terrorism strategy to focus on ‘radicalisation’ and ‘extremism’, and a theorisation of the impact of this focus
Prompted by Muslim children reporting their fear of the PREVENT Counter-Terrorism Strategy, this thesis develops a Critical Realist approach to critical discourse analysis (CDA) to describe the
Hannah Arendt’s turn to the self and environmental responses to climate change paralysis
Abstract Environmentalists have struggled with how to mobilize people to act in the face of widespread and now inevitable consequences of climate change. Significant responses to this challenge, such
Walking Away with Thoreau: The Pleasures and Risks of Exit
Much of the political theory literature on Thoreau is divided, with one camp focusing on resistance and civil disobedience, while the second concentrates on withdrawal. This bifurcation is not borne