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Crinoidea da Formacao Ponta Grossa (Devoniano, Bacia do Parana), Brasil

  title={Crinoidea da Formacao Ponta Grossa (Devoniano, Bacia do Parana), Brasil},
  author={Sandro Marcelo Scheffler and A. Carlos and Sequeira Fernandes},
This paper describes two new species of crinoids, Cyclocaudex paranaensis n.sp. and Laudonomphalus multituberculatus n.sp., to the Devonian of Brazil, and the first occurrence of Ophiucrinus stangeri and Crenatames amicabilis in the South America Devonian. Cyclocaudex paranaensis n.sp., L. multituberculatus n.sp. and C. amicabilis, were described based on characters of the skeletal remains of the columns. On the other hand, O. stangeri comprises the first description of a crinoid crown to the… CONTINUE READING
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