Crimped braided sleeves for soft, actuating arm in robotic abdominal surgery

  title={Crimped braided sleeves for soft, actuating arm in robotic abdominal surgery},
  author={Yahya Elsayed and Constantina Lekakou and Tommaso Ranzani and Matteo Cianchetti and Mario Morino and Alberto Arezzo and Arianna Menciassi and Tao Geng and Chakravarthini Mini Saaj},
  journal={Minimally Invasive Therapy \& Allied Technologies},
  pages={204 - 210}
  • Y. Elsayed, C. Lekakou, +6 authors C. Saaj
  • Published 4 July 2015
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies
BACKGROUND This paper investigates different types of crimped, braided sleeve used for a soft arm for robotic abdominal surgery, with the sleeve required to contain balloon expansion in the pneumatically actuating arm while it follows the required bending, elongation and diameter reduction of the arm. [...] Key MethodRESULTS BraidPET caused some organ damage, sliding under normal force of 2-5 N; this was attributed to the high roughness of the braid pattern, the higher friction coefficient of polyethylene…Expand
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