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Criminal Responsibility of Children under Malaysian Law; Time for a Re-Evaluation

  title={Criminal Responsibility of Children under Malaysian Law; Time for a Re-Evaluation},
  author={Akmal binti Mohamad and Aminuddin Mustaffa and Mohd Badrol bin Awang and Nazli Ismail and Mohd Lotpi Mohd Yusob},
Minimum age of criminal responsibility refers to the age at which children can be reasonably and fairly imposed liability for their criminal actions. The issue on determination of minimum age of child criminal responsibility still remains as a controversial issue among juvenile justice systems around the world. Current practice discloses that there is no uniformity among various juvenile justice systems in selecting and setting the minimum age of child criminal responsibility. This paper… 

Age and Criminal Responsibility

Age is a relatively unexplored topic in the theoretical literature on criminal responsibility. The first part of this paper examines a project on the age of criminal responsibility conducted by the

Children and International Human Rights Law: The Right of the Child to be Heard

Introduction 1. Article 12 and child participation 2. The nature and scope of Article 12 of the CRC 3. Implementing Article 12 in practice 4. Child Pparticipation in family decision-making 5. The

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Since Black's Law Dictionary is revised on average only once each decade, the publication of a new edition is a major event. The strong reputation that Black's has attained over the past 108 years

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