Criminal Behaviour and the XYY Male

  title={Criminal Behaviour and the XYY Male},
  author={William H. Price and P. B. Whatmore},
IN 1965, Jacobs et al. published their preliminary findings of a chromosome survey conducted at a maximum security hospital, The State Hospital, Lanarkshire, Scotland1. The most remarkable finding in the completed survey was the discovery among 315 men of nine patients with an XYY sex chromosome constitution. Their behaviour, together with their pattern of crime, has now been closely studied. The full clinical details of this investigation will be published elsewhere by us, and this… 
XYY Survey in an Institution for Sex Offenders and the Mentally III
Survey of 200 tall anti-social men at Atascadero State Hospital in California were studied in order to obtain additional information on the incidence of sex chromosome aneuploids.
Chromosome studies on men in a Maximum Security Hospital
Chromosome studies were done on 315 out of 342 men at the State Hospital, Carstairs, Scotland, a hospital for the treatment of patients with dangerous, violent, or criminal propensities in contitions
Testosterone excretion rates in normal males and males with an XYY complement.
The incidence of males with an XYY chromosome complement in a maximum security hospital was found to be 3% (Jacobs et al., 1965). These males were exceptionally tall, and it was found that 1 in 3 of
A study of the XYY syndrome in tall men and juvenile delinquents.
Four new examples of the XYY karyotype were ascertained in a survey of selected male populations, and all came from broken or unsatisfactory homes, perhaps an important factor in leading to their sociopathic behavior.
The XYY syndrome in children: A review
It is concluded that for children, there are no proven phenotypic expressions associated with the XYY sex chromosome complement and it is recommended that for the time being, parents and patients not be informed of this finding.
The Medical Chromosome
There is no reason to suspect XYY patterns in medical men, but if one examines their prejudices and activities (including their writings), he will find them to be highly irresponsible and immature individuals.
The 47,XYY male: a review.
  • D. Owen
  • Psychology
    Psychological bulletin
  • 1972
No consistent personality or behavioral constellation has been successfully predicted from the XYY complement and increased stature, dermatoglyphic alterations, possible neurological involvement, alterations in testicular cells, and some slight cardiac anomaly may, with properly collected data, prove to be predictable from theXYY genome.
The XYY syndrome.
Chromosome errors in men with antisocial behavior. Comparison of selected men with Klinefelter's syndrome and XYY chromosome pattern.
A wide spectrum of criminal offenses and psychopathology, including psychosis, was manifested in both groups, and the Klinefelter males of this series displayed a mean intelligence quotient of 80 as opposed to 84 for the 47,XYY males.
The XYY genotype.
Since much of the available information about the XYY sex chromosome complement is biased, more data is required before definitive statements can be made about the personality characteristics or intelligence of the vast majority of XYY men not appearing in social settings oriented towards behavioral deviancy.


Aggressive Behaviour, Mental Sub-normality and the XYY Male
The purpose of this communication is to report the findings in a survey of mentally sub-normal male patients with dangerous, violent or criminal propensities in an institution where they are treated under conditions of special security.