Crimea's Overlooked Instability

  title={Crimea's Overlooked Instability},
  author={William Varettoni},
  journal={The Washington Quarterly},
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It was, perhaps unfortunately, a picture broadcast round the world. Ditching decorum, Ukraine's protesting parliamentarians hurled eggs, set off smoke-belching flares, poured glue in voting machine... 
A Double Dispossession: The Crimean Tatars After Russia’s Ukrainian War
Genocide and genocidal political processes have been used by the Russian state for decades—if not centuries—as a technique of self-colonial rule intended to eliminate "dissident" ethnic identities.
Does the right to secede exist under international law?An analysis of the conditions and limits of secession
Self-determination and territorial integrity. Achieving independence. Secession in State practice.
What Went Wrong with Crimean Autonomy
Like many other successor states of the Soviet Union Ukraine had to find a means to accommodate a Russian minority. The Crimean Peninsula was granted territorial autonomy within an otherwise unitary
Ukraine’s Independence and Its Geostrategic Impact in Eastern Europe
This paper aims to provide a thorough analysis of the factors that led to Ukraine’s independence on 1 December 1991, and on the impact that this event had on Soviet geopolitical space. The
Neorealism and Russia’s Ukraine policy, 1991-present
ABSTRACT What lies behind Russia’s Ukraine policy? This article places Russia’s current actions in Ukraine into a broader temporal and theoretical perspective. Drawing on the work of John
Investment Potentials of the Crimean Peninsula
The current population of the Crimea, education, economy, basic demographics, such as the Crimean peninsula after study highlights the sectors at the regions examined. Available in these sectors FDI


Ukraine - Crimea - Russia: Triangle of Conflict
AcknowledgementsAbbreviationsList of TablesIntroduction1. Borders: Theory and Practice2. Regionalism and Separatism in Ukraine3. Russia-Ukraine: The Border Issue4. Ukraine-Crimea-Russia: Triangle of
Ukraine: A History
In 1988, the first edition of Orest Subtelny's Ukraine was published to international acclaim, as the definitive history of what was at that time a republic in the USSR. In the years since, the world
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