Criação de sentido através da prática da estratégia : a responsabilidade social corporativa como um processo contínuo e compartilhado

  title={Criaç{\~a}o de sentido atrav{\'e}s da pr{\'a}tica da estrat{\'e}gia : a responsabilidade social corporativa como um processo cont{\'i}nuo e compartilhado},
  author={Simone Colvara Alves and Pacheco de Campos and Eugenio Avila Pedrozo},
Nowadays, institutional context have increase pressure organizational behaviors that are based on profit supremacy. Thus, organizations seek to keep their images as “responsible” or “sustainable”, notwithstanding some actions are still only related to a marketing plan and not to a real organizational practice. Thus, some questions about construction of corporate social responsibility in organizations become relevant, such as: How to construct CSR practices which are effectively embodied in… CONTINUE READING

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