Cresyl violet: a red fluorescent Nissl stain.

  title={Cresyl violet: a red fluorescent Nissl stain.},
  author={Arturo Alvarez-Buylla and Cheung Yuk Ling and John R Kirn},
  journal={Journal of neuroscience methods},
  volume={33 2-3},
Cresyl violet is widely used by neurobiologists to visualize Nissl substance in bright-field microscopy. Here we describe a method for using this dye as a red fluorescent Nissl stain. Unlike the bright-field staining technique, fluorescent cresyl is compatible with other fluorescent dyes and tracers, such as fluorescein, Fluoro-Gold and Fast Blue. The procedure requires only minor modifications of routine bright-field cresyl staining, the most significant being dilution of the stain. Thus… CONTINUE READING

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